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Forget the lengthy admissions process. At our campus, we don't require that you compose an essay, submit letters of recommendation, or partake in lengthy exams. There are no deadlines, no worries, and no pressure.

» » Take 6 simple steps towards your new future!

1. Complete the Online Application
The application form is readily available on our website. Since the application process is online, there's no need to print and mail anything back to us. Once you press the submit button, we'll receive the application.

2. Complete Personal Interview
Before we enroll you as a student at our campus, we want to talk to you about your academic and career goals. We want to learn more about you, as well as answer any of your questions.

3. Take a Tour of our Campus
We'd like to give you a tour of our campus and show you what our school has to offer. We're confident that you'll be impressed with our facilities.

4. Complete the Enrollment Application
After you've had all of your questions answered, you simply need to fill out the application. This application will begin the enrollment process, taking you one step closer to being a student.

5. Complete the Career Placement Assessment
Most applicants will also take a career placement assessment exam. This test will help identify your abilities to be a successful student in our programs.

6. Complete the Financial Aid Application (If you qualify)
As an accredited school, there are many financial aid options available to you. We will assist you throughout the entire financial aid process.

You will be informed of your acceptance status shortly after all of the required information is received and your qualifications are reviewed. You may apply for entry into our campus at any time.

It's that simple. Start planning for tomorrow.

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